Helping Our Staff Grow

RYZE - Xtreme Air Sports are in the experience business and in order to ensure that our guests get the best experience we have training, mentoring and progression programmes for all of our staff which help us to deliver a great experience for our guests every time.


Our teams main focus and our mission is to make sure everyone has a great time and a safe time. To make this happen we regularly host a variety of training sessions such as Customer Care, First Aid, Fire Marshalling, New equipment/Programmes, Goal setting and how to deal with stress in the workplace and life.


With a team of over 150 individuals who are mainly young adults we take pride in helping to develop our staff in a variety of aspects that will help them in the job, future careers and everyday life.


Take stress, for example, life always throws something unexpected at you, and the training session that was recently held can help with several situations, not those just specific to work. We invited along to Ryze the wonderful Lynette Gray, a life coach who specialises in helping her clients have a more positive day. During this session, Lynette took our staff on an interesting road looking at different meditation and breathing exercises. This was an hour-long session that we held with each of our teams in Edinburgh and Dundee. It was thoroughly enjoyable, our staff said that they took something positive away from the session, and that’s the best we can hope for. When staff enjoy the training sessions, they benefit more from them.


Of course, after a training session, we all like to burn off some steam as a team, and what better way to do this than have a staff bounce, complete with pizza! Take a look at the clips we got form this training session.