Thinking about a gift for that special occasion? Why not try something different?!

You can now buy e-giftcards online! WOO-HOO!

It's as easy a 1, 2 click & done. Click the button below and head to our website where you can purchase your e-voucher. We have a selection of values available, and if you want a bigger number, adding multiple values together will construct a unique value of your choosing!

Giving that special someone the option to come once, twice or pack their things and just move in! Or alternatively can pay for an entire group of family/friends to enjoy our park together. For a better idea of how much you should consider loading onto your gift card please refer to our Pricing page.

get a physical giftcard in park or over the phone

Ryze gift cards are the perfect treat and come loaded with values of £12, £24, £36 & £48. Not what you're looking for? Don't worry, Giftcards can be customized to hold whatever you wish on request, just let us know!

Call your local park on the number below to order yours - you can get them delivered to your door too for only £2.


Buy yours over the phone today and get it posted!



0131 634 0140

01382 549 979


How to use your giftcard or evoucher online.

Head to the web store, and select the products you want. When it comes to Step 5: Payment, please enter your unique code into the Gift Voucher box as shown below.